Approaching Disability: In many ways, we are the same

One of my passion areas is educating people on what disability looks like “behind the scary curtain.” Disability is a topic people have a natural tendency to avoid, but this natural tendency has unintended consequences like separating people with disability from the rest of society. This is partly why I blog, why I share so […]

3 Signs You Might be an Ability Hacker

Sometimes when I tell people the name of my blog, they look at me sideways with a slightly puzzled expression. Eventually, the question comes: “What exactly is an Ability Hacker?” I decided it’s high time for me to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys as the case may be) to put together a formal definition. […]

Before I Met Her

I read an article today posted by (My Child’s Disability is Not a Tragedy) which threw me back to my daughter’s prenatal diagnosis of Spina Bifida when I was 20 weeks pregnant. What I realized while reading this article was at THAT moment I DID believe it was a tragedy. It felt like a tragedy. It hurt. It […]