More flexible sitting solutions for kids who need extra support

After my article highlighting the Leachco Prop R’ Shopper for unstable sitters, I learned about a few other sitting help products which I want to share. I have not tried these personally, but I reviewed the comments and highlight key points reviewers have made below. Firefly – GoTo Seat The GoTo Seat looks like a wonderful way to […]

Allowing children to be children, regardless of mobility

I crossed paths with the question “when is the right time for a mobility device?” multiple times today. It’s an interesting question. When really is the right time? Should we follow a “typical” timeline? Should we listen to our mommy gut? Should we be the catalyst for getting new equipment? Should we assume our medical team and therapists […]

Before I Met Her

I read an article today posted by (My Child’s Disability is Not a Tragedy) which threw me back to my daughter’s prenatal diagnosis of Spina Bifida when I was 20 weeks pregnant. What I realized while reading this article was at THAT moment I DID believe it was a tragedy. It felt like a tragedy. It hurt. It […]

Bowling: A surprisingly inclusive sport

On Friday afternoon, Lily and my husband played hooky to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. We went Bowling! Old school. It. Was. Seriously. Awesome. Why? Bowling is actually quite fun. The local place, while a bit run down, was super friendly. They weren’t busy, so they provided an exclusive toddler lane FREE of charge! Everyone could participate.

A solution for shopping with an unstable sitter (baby or toddler)

We have family coming to visit, so I did a BIG grocery shopping trip today with my son who is 3 months old. As I wedged red bell peppers and pints of blueberries around his carseat, precariously perched salad mix on a tower of condiments, and stashed chicken breast on the ledge under the cart between […]

5 Clever ways to encourage kids to pull up onto their knees

My daughter, Lily, is a pretty determined little kid, but she is also incredibly stubborn. In order for her to do something, she must actually want to do it, or it becomes a battle of wills. Personally, I hate that battle because in the end, everyone loses. What I’ve found, however, is that I can get her to […]

Helping kids “Do it MYself!” with a basket

Two of my daughter’s most frequently uttered phrases are, “I do it MYSELF!” (with oomph and passion behind the words) and “I help you?” (with her head cocked to one side, blinking her eyes sweetly).  She wants so badly to help and to be independent. One of our biggest challenges in helping her do things herself […]

Simplify: Use this great app to log catheterization volumes

My husband Dan and I are a bit on the geeky side. We both seek out data like fruit flies to a banana, so when we received my daughter’s diagnosis of Myelomeningocele (more commonly known as Spina Bifida), we wanted information. LOTS of it. One of my most vivid memories is sitting side by side on the couch with […]

Tip: Sew bells on socks to encourage leg movement

Two big events occurred when my daughter Lily was 4 days old. The first was that we learned she would need a shunt to relieve the pressure in her brain from hydrocephalus. We knew this was likely, but it was still hard to hear. The second was magical. She kicked her legs for the very […]