3 Signs You Might be an Ability Hacker

3 Signs you might be an ability hackerSometimes when I tell people the name of my blog, they look at me sideways with a slightly puzzled expression. Eventually, the question comes: “What exactly is an Ability Hacker?”

I decided it’s high time for me to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys as the case may be) to put together a formal definition.

3 signs you might be an Ability Hacker: 

  1. You are an intensely curious person who can’t help but tinker and try things out.
  2. You are not willing to accept that a system must be used as designed.
  3. You are a passionate parent to a kid with a few extra challenges.

This is me. I’m curious. I like to tinker. I don’t accept poorly designed systems. I always want to get in there and fix things to make them better.

I’m also crazy passionate about helping my daughter get the most out of her life. To me, this means I need to help foster her inner motivation to do as much as possible for herself. It means I need to help her figure out how to adapt to the world because the world won’t always adapt to her. It means I want to build her self confidence so that she never feels like she has to apologize for being uniquely her. It means I need to always be learning how to better advocate for her medically and developmentally… and it means I need to teach her to advocate for herself.

As I go down this path, the Ability Hacker blog is my way to share what I’m learning and figuring out with others. I’ve also learned that there are lots of Ability Hackers out there – parents who get in there and get scrappy to figure things out for their kids.

If you can relate… I love hearing your ideas (please share them!). I love learning about things you’ve done (let me know if I can feature your idea to share it with others). And I love finding out that something I shared helped you.

Thanks for being on this path with me.


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