A fabulous day for clothes & shoes!

When I think of all challenges we’ve faced over the last 4 years, the two that rear their ugly heads over and over again are clothes and shoes.

Clothes: Over AFOs & twister cables

Every day when I pick out Lily’s clothes, my mind is running scenarios. “Hmmm… I know these pants fit over her braces, but can I roll them up to her knee so that she can wear her twister cables?” “These leggings work great with her twisters, but are they going to be warm enough if the weather is below freezing?” And buying new clothes? I have a list…

  • Jeans must have really wide legs and adjustable waists.
  • Leggings must have really stretchy bottoms and can’t be a super cheap material or she’ll wear a hole through them before she leaves the house.
  • Capri length leggings are better than full length – we have to roll them up either way due to her cables.
  • Tunic tops rock because the longer length covers her body better when the belt from the cables pushes her pants waist band down.
  • And by the way, anyone who sells knee length socks in toddler sizes enters my inner circle of bestie retailers.

I’ve had a project in my mind for a while now that would solve the pants problem. I could take all her jeans, split the seams up the side to the knee, and then place velcro at the seam to allow the bottom to flap open around where the cable attaches to the brace (and then velcro close below the cable). This would give her warm pants that she can wear all the way down to her shoes! But… time. Time is not nearly as plentiful as I would like.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Clothing Collection

And then, I wake up this morning, and find the following magical article: Tommy Hilfiger Launches Adaptive Collection for Children with Disabilities.

The clothes all have magnetic closures, and they made pants that split up the side to make room for AFOs! Goodness, I’m in love. Of course, proof is in the pudding so to speak, so we’ll have to order a few things to determine if they deliver on the promise … but it’s encouraging.

These clothes could also help her gain the independence of getting dressed herself! So awesome. I’m excited.

Thank you Tommy Hilfiger Clothing & Runway of Dreams!!

Shoes over AFOs

To complete this fabulous day, a package containing four pairs of shoes was waiting for us when we got home. Did you know that Zappos has a specialty shoes category for “orthotic friendly” shoes? You didn’t?!? Me either.

My husband found it (Yes, I know. He rocks). :)

He found two pair for our size 8 toddler in the “orthotics friendly” category:

From a measuring standpoint, Lily’s right foot in her brace measures a 7 Toddler, and her left measures a bit smaller than a 6 Toddler. The size 8 worked well over both.

In addition to the two shoes mentioned above, he also found THESE Converse Easy Hi sneakers with a back that flips down allowing the AFO to slide right in. Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?

Best part = they totally work over her braces.

Link to the Converse “Easy Hi” shoe: http://www.zappos.com/converse-kids-chuck-taylor-all-star-easy-hi-infant-toddler-malt-pink-sapphire-mint-julep

Zappos shoes for over AFOs

So much excitement for one day.

Where are your favorite places to buy shoes and clothes?


  1. Check out ZUBITS. At ZUBITS.com or on Amazon
    They are magnetic closures for shoes that open the shoe up to easily allow AFOs to fit. It also eliminates the need to tie the laces. I am a PT and recommend them to a lot of my kiddos and the families love them

  2. Do you know of a shoe that not only will fit over AFOs but can also can have a lift added to it for leg length discrepancies? Right now my son’s only option is AFO shoes.

  3. Thank you! I’m curious to see how the shoes hold up. We’ve tried New Balance wide width shoes a few times, which fit, but they tear up so easily that they don’t last long. The cheapo Walmart shoes that are more ‘plastic-y’ seem to wear a lot better. But it sure would be nice to have some options as our daughter is getting older and is starting to care about fashion. :)

  4. That Hilfiger line is so exciting! As far as shoes go, our PT just recommended Plae shoes for our daughter’s AFOs. Their shoes have removable/replaceable velcro straps, intended to let kids customize their shoes with patterns and stuff, but apparently realized some of us need extra long velcro to accommodate AFOs, so you can order long straps and easily sub them out. The insoles are also easily removable. And they’re WASHABLE! We’ve had Nike, New Balance, and Stride Rite shoes, and these are not only the easiest to put on we’ve ever had, but also the cutest. My daughter loves that they are pink and sparkly, and her PT thinks she walks better in them than in most other sneakers we’ve had, because unlike many sneakers, they are truly flat, not even the slightest wedge. I can see us buying many more pairs. Just thought I’d pass on that recommendation!

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