Carrying an Easter Basket for Kids Who Use Walkers

Last week I posted about 8 Fun Easter Hacks for Kids with Varying Abilities. Since then, I found another one!

During an Easter egg hunt, children using walkers can carry their own Easter basket by using a Think King Hook.

Carry an Easter Basket on a Walker with a Think King hookWe use the Think King hooks on our strollers for holding all sorts of things, including hanging my daughter’s walker from the stroller handle while she rides. They are one of my favorite things. Saturday morning we went to an Easter egg hunt hosted by the Spina Bifida Coalition of Cincinnati. The fantastic thing about this hunt is that it is located on a fully accessible playground, so Lily and the other kids could easily navigate the area with walkers and wheelchairs to find the eggs. There was only one thing barring her from being fully independent during the hunt … carrying her own Easter basket.

As I got her walker and the stroller (for my son) out of the back of our van, I had a spark of smarts smack me in the forehead. I took one of the hooks off the stroller and attached it to the handle of her walker. Voila! Easter basket holding independence! Worked perfectly. :) Lily and Rainbow Dash (her Easter basket choice) enjoyed the hunt together… without help from my husband or me.

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What other “hacks” have you used for your kids?

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