Liftware – Helping people with hand tremors eat more easily

I came across this product today, and it nearly jumped off the page at me. What a cool and really helpful way to use technology! It’s an eating utensil that makes it easier for people with tremors to feed themselves.

The handle is electronic (comes with it’s own charger), and accommodates for the shaking hand while keeping the spoon pretty stable. You can also purchase a fork attachment and a soup spoon attachment, but these cost extra.

According to the company, Liftware works best for people with mild to moderate tremors. They provide a self-evaluation sheet that you can use to determine whether a person’s hand tremor would be helped with the device. Click here for the self-evaluation: 

As of today, there are 106 reviews on amazon, with an average star rating of 4.5 … that’s pretty good. It’s expensive ($199 for the starter kit, which includes the soup spoon attachment, $35 for extra attachments such as a fork or regular spoon), so if it would be a helpful device for you or a loved one, it may be worth the call to insurance to see if they will cover it.

Because no one in my immediate family or circle deals with hand tremors, I wanted to be sure this thing was legit prior to putting it on my blog. Reading through people’s comments made my heart soar! The following quote from a review is my favorite. :)

All I can say is, excellent engineering! I’m completely at a loss – I really never knew such technology existed in this form factor. It really is a truly amazing piece of machinery. My wife and I still giggle watching it do it’s thing to keep my peas onboard…

I mean, I ate a bowl of cereal this morning for the first time in years! Mornings are always the worst for me, until my meds kick-in, so I’d given up trying to fight with breakfast cereal – my wife and I sat and ate together and giggled about the little robot in my hand.

~Eric Hendrix

When I share products like this, one of the most common questions I get is “where can I buy that?” So… if you’d like to check out the details on Liftware’s website, or if you want to check out the starter kit or attachments (fork, soup spoon), look below! If you follow one of the Amazon links, you can read through some of the reviews yourself to hear from others and their experience.


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