More flexible sitting solutions for kids who need extra support

After my article highlighting the Leachco Prop R’ Shopper for unstable sitters, I learned about a few other sitting help products which I want to share. I have not tried these personally, but I reviewed the comments and highlight key points reviewers have made below.

Firefly – GoTo Seat
The GoTo Seat looks like a wonderful way to include kids who require a lot of postural support in daily activities (shopping, coloring, dining, playing, swinging, travelling, etc.).

Firefly GoTo Seat, size 1

  • High level of support: 5 point harness + structured side, back & head support.
  • Available in 2 sizes (size 1 = 1-2 yrs old, size 2 = 3-5 yrs old). The larger size adds extended leg support, an adjustable headrest, and a stronger backrest.
  • Receives great reviews from families.
  • Expensive: $265-$299 on

NoJo Secure Me travel Seat
The NoJo provides a moderate level of support using a thick strap that fastens around the child and the shopping cart/chair.

NoJo Secure Me Travel Seat

  • Helpful if you child needs side to side sitting support.
  • Some moms of children with extra needs like that the strap allows their children to sit upright in a shopping cart. However, if your child needs a headrest, this is not the right product for you (the cloth behind the child in the picture is simply padded material without any structure for support).
  • Many people can’t get the strap to work in a Target cart because the back of the seat is a grid of small holes which prevents the velcro strap from feeding through (strap requires thin vertical openings).
  • Moms say it’s best to velcro the strap in the back, behind the seat.
  • Inexpensive: $19.99 on Amazon

Make  your own chest strap
A woman named Kate writes a blog called Chasing Rainbows. When she wanted her son Gavin to be able to draw with his brother at the drawing table, her mom created this strap for her. She used it to allow her son to participate in just about everything with their family.

Gabe's chest strap

  • Great for children who can sit, but fall to one side or another.
  • Place nonslip material under your child’s bottom to keep him or her from slipping downward.
  • Use a towel or cloth behind the back for a bit of extra padding.
  • The strap wraps around the chest and under the armpits, and attaches with velcro.
  • Inexpensive: All you need is fabric, batting, velcro, some thread, and a can-do sewing spirit! And maybe a little bit of extra time…

Let me know how it goes if you try any of these with your children!

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