Zubits – Adapting Shoe Laces – Open & close with magnets!

Tonight I came across a new product that I think could be life changing for many people who have trouble with their fine motor skills, or who have to wiggle and squish bulky braces (AFOs, etc.) into shoes. My daughter has challenges in both of these areas, so I’m super excited (and hopeful) about this new find.

Disclaimer: I have not tried these yet. They were just now added to my list of “MUST TRY” items!

Because I haven’t tried Zubits myself, I read through a lot of reviews on Amazon. The feedback is incredibly positive. The biggest negative is price. Very few people experienced problems with the magnet’s holding strength (which could have been due to selecting the wrong size/magnet strength), but most people said they worked fabulously. A few comments were even from people whose family members have trouble with fine motor skills – and they confirmed how helpful these have been.

Here is the download:Zubits magnetic shoe lace closure

  • Price: Approximately $20 for a pair
  • Colors: Black, Gray, White, Brown, Pink, Blue (see picture below)
  • Sizes: They come in three sizes. The Zubits website has a size selector tool to help you make the best choice for your needs. The larger the Zubit, the stronger the magnet – so the correct size for you depends on three factors: physical size of shoe, level of activity, and size of person / strength of magnetic hold needed. Go here for the Size Selector Tool on Zubits Website
  • Recommended Ages: Zubits are recommended for ages 5 and over
  • How do they work? There is a video on the Amazon link below that shows how they attach to shoes, and how they work.
  • How do I put them on shoes? Go here for the installation instructions from Zubits’ website


If you’ve tried Zubits, please leave a comment and let me know how they worked for you!


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