Halloween Costumes & Industrial Strength Velcro

Below is a link to great advice from Easterseals on Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities or special needs. The article mentions that doing a trial run with the costume is a good idea, and that learning tips on how to attach costumes to wheelchairs and other devices will help along the way. When doing […]

When a girl wants to be Ned the Junior Conductor from Dinosaur Train

She wanted to be Ned. Ned the Brachiosaurus from Dinosaur Train. I will admit that I tried to change her mind. “How about Buddy or Tiny? They are both on Dinosaur Train” we said (you can actually buy these costumes). “No. I want to be Ned” she said. “How about pac man?” we asked. “Daddy […]

How to use a posterior walker in a Halloween costume

Halloween is just around the corner, and while the holiday can pose some challenges for kids with disabilities, having extra equipment can make costumes even more fun. Pirate… Aargh!  Two years ago, Lily had just started using her walker when Halloween rolled around. I found a really cute pirate costume, and then got super excited about […]

Carrying an Easter Basket for Kids Who Use Walkers

Last week I posted about 8 Fun Easter Hacks for Kids with Varying Abilities. Since then, I found another one! During an Easter egg hunt, children using walkers can carry their own Easter basket by using a Think King Hook. We use the Think King hooks on our strollers for holding all sorts of things, including hanging […]

Eight Fun Easter “Hacks” for Kids with a Variety of Abilities

Easter egg hunts and traditional egg coloring can be a challenge for kids with differing abilities. However, with a few tweaks, there are many ways to include kids with a variety of ability levels in the fun. Challenges:  Wheelchairs & walkers: Difficult to navigate grassy terrain, and often can’t easily bend down and pick up eggs. Blind or low vision: Can’t locate eggs […]