Halloween Costumes & Industrial Strength Velcro

Below is a link to great advice from Easterseals on Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities or special needs. :) The article mentions that doing a trial run with the costume is a good idea, and that learning tips on how to attach costumes to wheelchairs and other devices will help along the way.

When doing costumes with my daughter’s walker in years past, one of my favorite “hacks” is industrial strength velcro! The stuff is amazing – super sticky back to hold it on, and the velcro holds super secure. Regular craft velcro can’t hold a candle to it. :) You can get it at Michael’s or off Amazon (Amazon link HERE to industrial strength velcro).

Costumes for kids with disabilities

Also – Below are links to costumes we’ve done for my daughter with her walker in year’s past.

This first link highlights her Rocket Girl costume (rocket boosters attached to the walker and on her back!), and Pirate costume (with a pirate flag and a parrot peering over her shoulder). :)

How to use a posterior walker in a Halloween costume

And then there is last year, when she wanted to be Ned, the Junior Conductor from Dinosaur Train. Did I mention that Ned is an orange, 4 legged, long neck dinosaur? This one pushed my abilities to the brink!

When a girl wants to be Ned the Junior Conductor from Dinosaur Train

Happy costume making! :)

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  1. Thanks for the call-out! I moderate the Easterseals National blog and I’m hopoing to publish a blog there this week linking to your industrial-strength Velcro recommendation. Okay if we use a few photos of Ned the dinosaur, Rocket Girl and the Pirate with the post?

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