Converse “Easy Slip” Chuck Taylor Sneakers

A post of mine from last  year has resurfaced, and I’m getting a lot of requests for where to buy the converse sneakers with the back that flips down and velcro shuts. The links from the post are a bit outdated, so I did a search and found some new links. See below! :) We loved these, and just having this post resurface is making me want to order a new pair!

Happy Shopping! :)


  1. We need adult shoes like this. My daughter has needed an A brace for 8 years and we bought at least 12 pair of converse shoes because they are the only shoes to fit her insert. Yet, it is difficult to get it in. Please consider making larger sizes. She wears an 81/2 or 9. She lives converse since high school and she wears them constantly at the age of 26. Thanks. Ann Marie Kraemer.

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