Zubits – Adapting Shoe Laces – Open & close with magnets!

Tonight I came across a new product that I think could be life changing for many people who have trouble with their fine motor skills, or who have to wiggle and squish bulky braces (AFOs, etc.) into shoes. My daughter has challenges in both of these areas, so I’m super excited (and hopeful) about this new […]

What does a peanut have to do with special needs parenting?

When tackling a herculean task, the people I work with will sometimes say “we just need to push the peanut forward.” I know, it’s a strange phrase, but I love the concept. What the saying means is that when a challenge is overwhelmingly large, and it feels like ultimate success may not ever be achieved, we should focus […]

Building your “Medical Gut”

A few years ago, soon after starting a new job, I was asked to answer an important business question by a senior leader in the organization. The problem: I didn’t have the right data on hand to answer the question because the report had not yet arrived from the supplier. My manager nonchalantly told me, “Just go with your gut. What does it tell you?” […]

More flexible sitting solutions for kids who need extra support

After my article highlighting the Leachco Prop R’ Shopper for unstable sitters, I learned about a few other sitting help products which I want to share. I have not tried these personally, but I reviewed the comments and highlight key points reviewers have made below. Firefly – GoTo Seat The GoTo Seat looks like a wonderful way to […]

A solution for shopping with an unstable sitter (baby or toddler)

We have family coming to visit, so I did a BIG grocery shopping trip today with my son who is 3 months old. As I wedged red bell peppers and pints of blueberries around his carseat, precariously perched salad mix on a tower of condiments, and stashed chicken breast on the ledge under the cart between […]

Simplify: Use this great app to log catheterization volumes

My husband Dan and I are a bit on the geeky side. We both seek out data like fruit flies to a banana, so when we received my daughter’s diagnosis of Myelomeningocele (more commonly known as Spina Bifida), we wanted information. LOTS of it. One of my most vivid memories is sitting side by side on the couch with […]